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Nurul islam Nahid

Nurul Islam Nahid


Mr. Nurul Islam Nahid was born in Beanibazar upazila in Sylhet on July 5, 1945. He studied in Sylhet MC College and Dhaka University. Mr. Nahid has a long and distinguished political career from the days of the agitation against Ayub Khan. He was active in the student movements against military rule in Pakistan, the mass upsurge of 1969 and was a valiant freedom fighter as the organizer of the guerrilla unit of the Chatra Union in our War of Liberation.
Nahid was an elected president of Bangladesh Chhatra Union in 1970 and a founding president of Jubo Union in 1976. Nahid became general secretary of Communist Party of Bangladesh in 1991. He has played a very significant role during the movement in 1990, resulting in the establishment of a democratically elected government in Bangladesh.
He joined Awami League (AL) in 1994.
He was elected to the Parliament in 1996 from the Sylhet - 6 (Golapganj & Beani Bazar) constituency. He was the Chairman of the Standing Committee on the Ministry of Education, and is member of the Committee of Public Accounts and of the Standing Committee on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He was also a member of many Associations and Trusts and the Senate of Jahangirnagar University. He is the Secretary of the Executive Committee on Education and Human Resources Development of the Bangladesh Awami League.
He participated in the 55th general assembly of the United Nations as a member of Bangladesh team.
Now he is an elected to the Parliament in 2008 from the Sylhet-6(Golapganj   Beani Bazar) constituency and serve as a Minister, Ministry of Education, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh.
He participated in many international conferences to many countries in the world. Also he wrote about seven books.
Personally he is one of the honest politicians in Bangladesh. His wife is Mrs Juhra Jesmin who is a civil officer. He has two daughters Ms Nadia Nandita Islam who is the teacher of Dhaka University and Ms Najia Samantha Islam who is student of Dhaka University.